miércoles, 6 de enero de 2010

Eternal Life..

(frase vista en la calle, pintada sobre un muro)

Y a mi mente llega esta cancion...

"There's no time for hatred...Only questions
Where is love?,Where is happiness?....What is life?....Where is peace?".....

"When will I find the strength to bring me release?
And tell me where is the love in what your prophet has said?
Man, It sounds to me just like a prison for the walking dead
And I've got a message for you and your twisted hell
You better turn around and blow your kiss goodbye
To life eternal Angel"

"eternal life" - Jeff Buckley ( del album grace, uno de los mejores de los 90s)

La inconstancia es inminente, ilaciones incoherentes,en fin..todo lo que termine en ente.